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    Council Tax Collections

    Transforming Income Collection at Onward Homes

    Collected £2.3 million of additional income in 2023

    Revolutionising Rent Payment at Walsall Housing Group (whg)

    The system has facilitated the collection, thus far, of £764,215.12 through 3,581 transactions

    How Automation Helped a Tenant at Jigsaw Homes

    £1,114 Increase in one tenant's monthly income 

    BITMO boost collection rates and tenant engagement

    £59K Increased collections

    0.8% Increased collection rate

    How Luton Council tackled temporary accomodation debt

    573% Increased FTA TA collections

    £303K Improved debt position

    Why Greatwell Homes Switched to Caseload Manager

    "Voicescape's Caseload Manager has significantly transformed our operational efficiency."

    Transforming believe housing's Tenant Arrears Management Process

    73% Engagement rate

    £220K Collected payments

    How Sovereign Network Group Enhanced FTA Collections

    63.5% Reduction in caseload

    £164K Debt recovered

    Elevating Tenant Satisfaction at Monmouthshire Housing 

    2,500% Increase in survey participation

    "Voicescape was a no-brainer for us"

    North Devon Homes Gains Fresh Tenant Insight

    "Opening up this platform can only put North Devon Homes in a stronger position"

    Karbon Homes Triples Call Conversion Rate

    "Not only has Voicescape Collections significantly improved our call conversions, but our team enjoys using it too!"

    Shepherds Bush Saves Time And Improves Resident Relations

    65% Higher response rate

    "The most valuable feature for us was the real-time feedback."

    Places for People Reduce No-access Rates by an Average of 20%

    "Their communication was amazing, and the team at Voicescape are so helpful and patient.” 

    How Greatwell Homes Adopted Automation Technology and Simplified Their Strategy

    "What really attracted us to Voicescape was their innovation and desire to deliver the best."

    Jigsaw Homes: A Test and Learn Approach to TSMs

    5,000 Responses

    89% Survey completion rate

    How Bristol City Council Increased Collection Rates By 1.3% in just 6 Months

    103K CTA reduced

    "Voicescape allowed us to take that next step!"

    How St Leger Homes Used SMS as a Prompt for Rent Collection

    1,939 Payments recieved

    £297K Debt collected

    How Thirteen Used Intelligent Automation To Achieve Their Lowest Year End Debt Position

    £800k Reduced debt

    2.98% Debt position

    Discover How Middlesbrough Council Increased Council Tax Engagement by 59%

    £967K Tax collected

    3,840 Hours saved

    How Grŵp Cynefin Reduced Their Rent Arrears by 2.4% In 18 Months

    "We're using the technology to be reactive to the needs of our customers."

    How Platform Drastically Reduced No-Access Rates

    24% Reduction in No-Access Rates

    "Voicescape has provided us with a faster, more proactive approach."

    How South Tyneside Homes Streamlined Daily Resident Wellbeing Checks

    “Every morning we are able to respond in a measured and focussed way to those tenants who need us most."

    Onward Homes: An Innovative Approach To Rent Collections

    “Voicescape Collections has reduced arrears across all three of our regions by £607,350!”

    How Greatwell Homes Dramatically Improved Its Annual Arrears Figures

    “Voicecsape fills that gap in your team, so you can deliver elements of the staff function at a more affordable cost."

    How whg boosted engagement to help more customers

    7.5 FTE saved

    £409K Debt recovered

    How Middlesbrough Council Rapidly Increased Council Tax Collection Rates

    60% Increased engagement rate

    £146K Outstanding payments collected

    How South Tyneside Homes Achieved Gas And Electrical Safety Compliance

    “You can’t underestimate the impact Voicescape Compliance can have on your time and productivity!"

    How South Tyneside Homes Increased Service Participation

    26% Increase in serivce participation

    “The impact on staff wellbeing has been hugely encouraging.” 

    How Your Homes Newcastle Increased Engagement During The Pandemic

    70% Engagement rate

    6 FTE saved

    How North Devon Homes increased customer response rates

    “Voicescape has allowed us to seek feedback from more customers, particularly during our busiest times."

    How South Tyneside Homes Increased Emergency Support Via Mass Messaging

    17,000 Automated calls

    “The service continues to be appreciated by our customers!"

    Cambridge Housing Society increase feedback on repairs contractors

    “Voicescape has solved that problem of gathering sufficient feedback for us.”

    How Homes In Sedgemoor Engaged New UC Claimants 

    "Voicescape has been an invaluable tool to help us engage with those that need support!"

    Onward Homes Increase Tenant Engagement In COVID-19 Welfare Check

    93,000 Automated calls made

    “The platform gave us the ability to reach a wide range of people quickly."

    Adactus, part of the Jigsaw Group, change traditional approaches to arrears

    £100,000 Saved annually

    66% Increase in payment arrangements

    Derwent Living Deliver Coronavirus Solution in Three Days 

    “One of the extra benefits of this campaign is that tenants have the assurance of receiving reliable information."

    Homes in Sedgemoor's transformation journey

    101.2% Collection Rate

    0 Arrears evictions

    Home Group Work Smarter to Support Tenants

    “Our income and arrears position has improved and arrears cases have dropped significantly.”

    Your Homes Newcastle collection rates soar

    5 FTE saved

    20,000 Tenants contacted

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