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    Why we use Artifical Intelligence (AI)

    AI creates efficiencies. It can automate manual or repetitive work for officers, such as finding the most appropriate contact number for a tenant, enables more engaging human interventions, and reduces operational costs as a result.

    Why Machine Learning is crucial

    ML is a type of AI that makes predictions and continually learns from self-improvement and past experiences. It helps to solve complex problems through evidence-based decisions, i,e, past recommendations.

    Why Behavioural Insights are beneficial

    Behavioural Insights analyse previous behaviours, such as payment on time, or a pattern of payment, which feed into risk factors. These insights help inform Caseload Managers recommendations to officers.

    AI has been transformational for so many of our Caseload Manager customers

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    Caseload Manager

    Voicescape Caseload Manager is a groundbreaking solution that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and our years of Data Science (DS) and Behavioural Insight (BI) expertise. It enables you to make personalised, automated interventions that are more likely to achieve the optimum outcome for both your officers and your residents. 

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    Download our Caseload Manager Brochure

    Learn more about our latest ground-breaking technology, bringing intelligent automation to the Social Housing Sector.

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    Embracing AI blog post

    In this new blog post, we explore how Voicescape embraces AI, how we tackle concerns over ethics, and the benefits of using intelligent automation in the sector.

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