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    Automate outbound engagement

    Drive inbound calls from residents wanting to discuss a solution.

    Maximise revenue

    Recover lost income while giving officers more time to focus on quality conversations.

    Drive efficiencies

    Replace inefficient parts of the process with more cost-effective alternatives.

    Build trust

    Carry out ethical collections and improve resident relationships. 

    How does Voicescape Collections work?

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    Why use Voicescape local authority software?

    The national average collection rate for council tax is 95.9% - with collection rates decreasing by 1.12% and in-year arrears increasing by a staggering 33% (UK National Government Statistics 2020-21). All local authorities are facing the dual challenge of decreased funding and increased demand for new ways of working. How is your local authority faring? With Voicescape software, local authorities can collect more and focus their efforts on the most difficult cases.

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    Collect with care and build trust with your community

    The sheer volume of cases often means little time for any personalisation or discretion. With Voicescape, local authorities can operate in a more ethical and supportive way, allowing officers to focus on the people, not just the debt. A more ethical approach reduces escalations, improves resident engagement and eases demand on other council services.

    • Free up capacity for more engaged conversations
    • Reduce the strain on your team by automating manual tasks
    • Navigate challenging post-COVID conversations with intelligent automation
    • Fewer escalations that lead to difficult court proceedings

    Like to learn more?

    Discover what improved collections rates could do for your Local Authority.

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    Who we work with

    “Voicescape Collections is an exceptional example of using technology innovatively to support delivery of the Welfare Strategy. The use of a hyper-local approach for communicating with vulnerable residents was very powerful.”
    Janette Savage Head of Resident & Business Support at Middlesbrough Council
    “Voicescape has changed the way we operate in Bristol. It's been fundamental to resetting our relationship with residents and has supported our ethical approach to managing arrears. It has become a key tool in our day-to-day work, freeing up capacity for officers and providing cover for annual leave and any vacant patches we have in the city. We will utilise the system more in the coming months working on UC and Pension Credit campaigns.”
    Mark Kempt Income and Rents Manager at Bristol City Council
    “So far, we’ve had a really successful journey with Voicescape. They’ve been really helpful and supportive along the way, but everything does remain in our control. It’s quite interesting to see if we tweak one thing or play around with another, how successful things are.”
    Andrew Culpin Service Improvement Lead Revenues, Benefits & Exchequer Services at Newcastle City Council
    “Before Voicescape, you'd find us manually going through our records, manually calling them one by one -maybe speaking to five people a day, if that. We've been really impressed with how well the service has dealt with the conversations.”
    Lewis Scott Team Leader at Middlesbrough Council
    Success story

    How Middlesbrough Council improved collection rates

    Middlesbrough Council saw its collection rates drop from 95% to 91%. Every time they lost 1%, it meant they were losing £1 million. By implementing Voicescape software, they recovered £146,000 in just three months.

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    Talk to an expert about local authority support

    If you have any questions about Voicescape software and how local authorities can utilise it it to improve collections rates while building trust with communities, just ask.

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