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    Increase in survey participation


    "Introducing Voicescape was a no-brainer for us"

    Monmouthshire Housing, a housing association in South Wales, oversees a portfolio of approximately 3,600 properties. Their annual workload involves an impressive 12,000 to 14,000 repairs, managed by a dedicated team of 60 trade operatives and 20 managers and officers. The organisation plays a pivotal role in South Wales, reletting around 220 properties each year and managing the local authority housing waiting list. Amidst their significant development programme and increase in stock they were still facing thousands of repairs and maintenance activities per annum. Their responsibilities were expanding, demanding more innovative approaches to capturing and responding to tenant satisfaction following repairs and maintenance. 

    Key Challenges: 

    The challenges facing Monmouthshire Housing were multi-faceted. A shortage of social housing, coupled with an increasing waiting list, marked the backdrop of a growing housing crisis locally and nationally. Their team was also grappling with a surge in homelessness, often with complex vulnerabilities, necessitating a more nuanced approach to housing services. Pressures mounted more generally in the country as media attention focused on issues like damp and mould, demanding a holistic response that addressed not only structural problems but also the overall wellbeing of tenants. In addition, due to the increased reports of damp and mould in the homes as a result of the media attention in the subject, it has meant the team has been unable to respond as timely as they would like.  

    Transformation Journey: 

    Monmouthshire Housing’s journey toward enhanced tenant satisfaction began with the recognition that traditional methods of gathering feedback following a repair or maintenance fell short – including the combination of low survey numbers and artificially high satisfaction rates. Telephone surveys failed to capture genuine dissatisfaction due to tenant reluctance, resulting in over-inflated satisfaction results. Post-repair surveys delivered by the repairs operative on-site on Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) encountered similar challenges.  

    The introduction of Voicescape was transformative. A single, focused question on tenant satisfaction post-repair significantly increased response rates. Voicescape’s sentiment and theme analysis further provided nuanced insights, giving the team a deeper understanding of tenant concerns. A remarkable 45% response rate was achieved, marking a substantial improvement over previous method. 

    Organisational Benefits: 

    Improved participation and response rates 

    Voicescape delivered efficiency gains by allowing the housing association to swiftly address reports of dissatisfaction. Immediate responses to dissatisfied tenants prevented formal complaints and maintained operational continuity. Staff time was optimised; the laborious task of making phone calls for feedback was replaced by an automated, efficient system. Survey participation skyrocketed, increasing by approximately 2,500% and providing a wealth of authentic data. Internally, team morale received a significant boost, due to the 94.3% satisfaction being recorded by the automated surveys. 

    With Voicescape, staff no longer spend hours on phone surveys. Previously, they managed only 10 surveys per quarter due to time constraints. Post-Voicescape, they conducted 236 surveys from April to June 2023, a 2,500% increase. In the last quarter, they made 1,014 survey calls with 436 responses (42% response rate), allowing precise measurement of response rates, a capability absent in manual surveys. 

    "Introducing Voicescape was a ‘no-brainer’ for us. While our organisation conducted annual surveys, what was missing was a transactional feedback system for responsive repairs. Voicescape proved to be one of the best digital solutions we've implemented in our department, enhancing efficiency and providing authentic, valuable feedback."

    Becky Oliver, Head of Building Services

    Speed of response: 

    Voicescape's system ensures immediate response to dissatisfied tenants, preventing formal complaints. Upon notification, Monmouthshire Housing swiftly addresses issues, dispatching a repairs manager or rescheduling an operative the very next day. This prompt action prevents repair delays, enhancing tenant satisfaction and averting formal complaints effectively. 

    Voicescape markedly improved response accuracy and speed for Monmouthshire Housing. By conducting surveys immediately after the repair has been marked as complete, the organisation could address feedback promptly, ensuring genuine data and enabling swift responses to tenant concerns, enhancing overall operational efficiency. 

    "Our understanding of customer sentiment has never been more detailed. With Voicescape, we can respond promptly, ensuring every concern is addressed effectively. The speed of response provided by Voicescape not only elevates tenant satisfaction but also showcases our commitment to exceptional service."

    Amy Brine, Head of Sustainable Tenancies

    In-Depth Sentiment and Theme Analysis 

    Voicescape's system transformed feedback for Monmouthshire Housing, enabling in-depth voice feedback from tenants. Unlike previous methods, this level of detail was unprecedented, shedding new light on specific concerns without direct questions and highlighting nuanced issues like operative behaviour. Moreover, an innovative sentiment and theme analysis provided even deeper understanding, identifying emerging patterns from voicemail feedback and empowering them with deeper insights. 

    "Voicescape was a game-changer for us, enabling genuine feedback and rapid responses. It’s one of the most impactful digital solutions we’ve introduced." said Becky Oliver, Head of Building Services. She went on to say;

    “In today's world, exceptional service is non-negotiable. Just as we expect prompt responses from our utility and broadband providers, tenants rightfully demand the same level of commitment from their landlord. Acting swiftly on their feedback is not just a matter of responsiveness, it's a testament to our dedication at Monmouthshire Housing. Hearing directly from our tenants that they appreciate our quick and serious responses reaffirms our commitment to delivering top-notch service."  

    Voicescape’s implementation at Monmouthshire Housing marked a turning point in tenant satisfaction. By combining innovative technology with genuine empathy, Monmouthshire Housing not only addressed dissatisfaction but also transformed it into an opportunity for improvement. The organisation now possesses a powerful tool, allowing them to respond promptly and effectively to their tenants' concerns, setting a new benchmark for excellence in service provision. If you too would like to learn how Voicescape Feedback can revolutionise your relationship with your residents and empower your organisation to build a more supportive community then get in touch with us today! 

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