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    Voicescape client, North Devon Homes (NDH), is responsible for circa 3,300 affordable homes in Devon. In 2021, the housing provider wanted to improve how they gathered feedback from their customers regarding the quality of services in order to improve performance monitoring and decision making.

    The housing provider has since adopted a more proactive approach to capturing feedback which has increased its response rates and coverage. Read on to discover how…

    The challenge

    As a registered charity providing affordable homes, NDH is committed to creating communities where people want to live. Over the years, they’ve built a strong partnership with their 10,000+ customers by ensuring their voices are heard and they’re involved in creating solutions. Then the pandemic hit, their workload increased, and they struggled to provide that same attention with their very limited resources.

    The solution

    NDH knew they had to be more rigorous with their approach if they wanted to remain connected with customers and obtain feedback on services. Customers are at the center of their activities, so the solution needed to be as customer-friendly and functional as possible. That’s where our highly configurable tenant feedback software came in.

    How it works

    Voicescape Feedback is a bespoke solution that automates the entire feedback process to deliver more responses, more often, with reduced manual overhead. It does this by sending simple phone surveys as soon as a transaction or process is complete, allowing you to gain instant feedback from your tenants.

    By using Feedback, NDH can gain a clearer picture of how their customers truly feel about a repair or support service that has been delivered. This enables them to make evidence-based decisions to ensure the needs of present and future tenants are met.

    The results

    Since implementing Voicescape Feedback in January 2021, North Devon Homes has seen double the response rates they had been achieving the year prior. As a result, the provider is now able to gain immediate actionable feedback from customers and acquire insights to improve overall services. Plus, customers are extremely pleased with the service… 

    “It has been great to be able to follow up on where a service has failed and really understand the customer experience and how we can improve. Another bonus is that customers use the service to leave some great feedback for our staff and contractors which we love to listen to and pass on. The system was also very easy to implement and even easier to use.” said Claire Fallow, Head of Asset Management

    NDH has since elected to expand its usage of the Voicescape platform by investing in our other solutions within the product stack.

    “As a community focussed landlord, we wanted to improve the range and the number of customers from whom we sought and received feedback to help us to monitor performance, challenge and ultimately improve service delivery.” said Marc Rostock, Director of Neighbourhoods

    “Voicescape has allowed us to seek feedback from more customers, particularly during our busiest times when doing so was perhaps hardest when we were busy organising and undertaking repairs.”

    Mark Rostock | Director of Neighbourhoods at North Devon Homes

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