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    Environmental Policy Statement


    Voicescape is a technology solutions provider to the UK Social Housing, Local Government and Healthcare sectors. Our services help our clients connect with the communities they serve. We use data science, behavioural insights, and digital technology to create positive customer engagement. The business has approximately thirty-five employees based out of our mixed occupancy serviced office premises in Salford Quays and working remotely from home. Our products and services are fully Cloud-based.

    Voicescape recognises that its business activities impact the environment in a number of ways, primarily through:

    • our use of energy and heating fuel in the offices we occupy, and the creation and transport of waste from those offices
    • use of energy for Cloud provision of our services
    • business & staff travel; and
    • the computer and office equipment we use.

    We are committed to minimising that impact through continuous improvement in environmental performance, and we encourage our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders to do the same.

    This environmental policy sets out our commitments to reduce our environmental impact. It applies to:

    • all Voicescape employees and sub-contractors who undertake work on our behalf
    • the goods and services we procure
    • our direct operations and the services we provide to our customers.


    Our environmental business objective is to continue to be carbon neutral. We have been net zero on emissions since FY20/21.

    Our commitments

    We are committed to protecting the environment & reducing our environmental impact. We will ensure as a minimum that we:

    • meet all legal and contractual requirements
    • minimise pollution
    • consider environmental impact in business decision making, across scopes 1,2 and 3
    • encourage our staff to act in an environmentally responsible manner
    • encourage feedback from staff to drive improvements and feed these into this policy
    • assign appropriate resource to implement, monitor and continuously improve this policy
    • encourage our suppliers to support our environmental commitments
    • continually monitor our environmental performance against objectives and report on that to interested parties
    Specifically, we commit to:
    • minimise energy consumption across our business through staff awareness and improved controls
    • minimise business miles travelled through encouragement of hybrid working & teleconferencing
    • promote greener travel options
    • reduce paper consumption and office waste through improved staff awareness
    • engage with our office premise service provider to continue use of green energy & zero landfill waste programmes
    • where possible engage suppliers with carbon neutral commitments, particularly with respect to Cloud services.


    Voicescape is committed to communicating our environmental objectives and performance to our employees, customers, suppliers, and wider stakeholders. This policy will be shared on our website and in our office and will form part of our Employee Handbook and induction process for all new staff.

    This policy will be reviewed by our Executive Team at least annually as part of our strategic business planning process. It is endorsed annually by our MD.

    Signed: Gary Haynes, MD

    Document Version: 1.2
    Issue Date: 31st July 2023