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    How Voicescape Wellbeing Can Improve Tenant Wellbeing

    As a social housing landlord with sheltered accommodation, it’s your job to support the residents who need it most. Tenant welfare checks are essential, but when performed manually, they’re inherently slow and inefficient. That’s where Voicescape Wellbeing comes in.

    But what is Voicescape Wellbeing? And what are the benefits of using it in your social housing association? This blog discusses how our technology can improve tenant wellbeing by allowing you to:

    • Streamline daily welfare checks for tenants
    • Engage with tenants efficiently
    • Monitor tenant preferences
    • Maintain sustainable relationships with tenants
    • Better allocate officer resources across all schemes
    • Quickly identify those most in need of officer attendance

    Streamline daily welfare checks

    Chances are, you’re already aware of the resource pressure that officers are experiencing on a daily basis. Voicescape Wellbeing takes that away by allowing you to streamline the daily tenant welfare check process and identify people most in need of attendance.

    Our technology automates the calls to sheltered accommodation residents to check in on their wellbeing. This allows residents to choose whether they wish to speak with a person, or if they’d rather press a button to confirm that they’re safe and well. By not having to manually call every scheme resident, officers will have significantly more time to focus on providing care to those who truly need it.

    It also removes the risk of residents having to wait several hours for a manual call after needing urgent assistance and being unable to raise their alarms.

    Cater to tenant preferences

    The great thing about Voicescape Wellbeing is that it is highly configurable and can be used to cater to the unique preferences of your tenants. They can choose their preferred calling time and method of contact (voice call or SMS), meaning they’ll no longer have to stay in all day waiting for a call. This provides tenants in sheltered accommodation with a greater level of independence and allows landlords to facilitate a resident-centric approach to wellbeing.

    For instance, a resident with an underlying health condition might prefer that the service be as unobtrusive as possible. They may request a mobile phone call as their first contact attempt, and then a reminder to call back via SMS if they miss the initial call. If they still don’t respond, they may then ask for a final check-in call on their landline. Voicescape Wellbeing makes all of this possible.

    Provide a more personal approach

    Since our service is designed to facilitate the prioritisation and allocation of resources, officers will have more time to provide a personal approach to the residents that are most in need of assistance. You can even record your own call scripts to further add a human touch to your service, or use Voicescape’s own professional voice-over artists.

    Furthermore, the Voicescape Wellbeing online portal allows managers to identify trends and areas of concern at a glance so that they can better allocate resources across all schemes. If a tenant is in need of emergency assistance, our technology will allow officers to identify and assist them efficiently and effectively.

    How Voicescape can help

    At Voicescape, we help social landlords like you to improve tenant wellbeing, both now and in the long term. Our Wellbeing solution enables you to monitor residents while empowering your operational teams in the process. This will allow you to maintain sustainable relationships with tenants by giving them more control over how and when they’re contacted.



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