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    Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs): Are You Prepared For Feedback?

    As you’ll know, social housing landlords will be responsible for publishing annual Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) from April 2023. While the measures aren’t expected to come into force until then, now’s the time to start planning how to benchmark and address baseline satisfaction levels before you’re mandated to do it.  

    The good news is that these new measures don’t have to require a huge amount of work.  

    Voicescape Feedback is a ready-made solution that can help you get prepared and achieve compliance long before 2023 rolls around! Once implemented, you’ll be able to cost-effectively create and send tenant satisfaction surveys – enabling you to collect more data from your tenants in line with upcoming regulations.  

    Ready to get ahead of the curve?  

    Don’t wait until April! Get in touch with the relevant members of our team to prepare for the changes.  

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