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    The Power of the Resident Voice

    Research Project: Learning the impact of customer experience and satisfaction on service demand within your housing association. 

    For the modern social landlord to succeed in today's landscape you must listen to and ‘hear’ your customers.

    The ability to capture data and transform them into actionable insights is key to improving your customer experiences and the sustainability of the landlord-tenant relationship. Yet often a deeper understanding of what the data truly ‘mean’ remains unclear or elusive.

    Introduction to the Research Project

    A ground-breaking new study into the impact of different customer experiences will surface those hidden feelings and answer a number of questions including the following:

    • 👉 How do customers truly perceive your organisation?
    • 👉 What do they expect from their landlord?
    • 👉 What is the relationship between tenant perceptions, experiences and behaviours?
    • 👉 Can customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction coexist? Or, what is the link between dissatisfaction in one business area and dissatisfaction, and thus behaviour, in another?
    • 👉 What are the deeper dynamics that drive demand for services in your teams working in income collection, field services, ASB, contact centre, repairs and maintenance and others?
    • 👉 Can we predict future customer behaviours?
    • 👉 Can services be improved, delivered differently and at a lower cost-to-serve?


    ^Listen to Stephanie Lacey explain about the collaborative project between Housemark and Voicescape here^

    Benefits of Becoming a Research Project Participant

    Housemark and Voicescape have partnered to bring this timely research project to the social housing sector. In addition to a range of unique organisational insights that will help drive forward improvements in their organisations, participants will benefit from the first industry benchmarked view of the ‘Power of the Resident Voice’ and demonstrate their thought leadership positions in the wider UK social housing sector.

    The researchers are looking for a select group of up to 8 landlords who wish to be part of this exciting initiative. There is a participant charge of £9k per organisation.

    Find out More Today

    Please contact: Nicola Brown, Head of Account Management; nicola.brown@voicescape.com, 07946 169 268.

    To learn more details about this project, download the project leaflet below...

    Download here!


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