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    Innovation in Action: A recap of our successful 2023!


    As 2023 begins to draw to a close, we thought we’d shine a light on the successful year we’ve had and our award wins throughout the past 12 months! Through a fantastic team effort with our wonderful clients, we were able to secure five social housing and technology awards! These awards are not just a celebration of our efforts but a testament to the collaborative achievements with our valued clients. In partnership with them, we've demonstrated a commitment to excellence, innovation, and positive impact in the housing sector. Take a look and see what we won… 

    Housing Digital Awards 2023 - Most Innovative Product (Software) AND Most Innovative Approach to Tenant Communications

    HDIA awards 2023

    The recognition we received at the Housing Digital Awards for the Most Innovative Product (Software) underscores our commitment to pioneering technology. Our multi-award-winning Caseload Manager solution, developed in collaboration with Thirteen Group, leverages AI and Machine Learning to revolutionise income collection methods. The North-East housing association were able to reduce their arrears by an impressive £800,000 in just 6 months – a feat they’d never managed before. On top of this, they were able to reduce their caseload by 65% - as a result of these metrics, 2,000 fewer tenants are now in arrears, so we’re delighted to see the positive impact our work is having on local communities. 

    Additionally, we were awarded Most Innovative Approach to Tenant Communications for our fantastic collaborative work with Onward Homes. Using the 'nudge' approach through our Collections solution, Onward were able to automate thousands of tasks, allowing for more engaged conversations with customers in need, which ultimately increased tenant satisfaction. 


    National Housing and Maintenance Forum Awards 2023 - Best Customer Impact w/ Platform

    [Media kit] Twitter - Best Customer Impact (dark)-1Our partnership with Platform Housing Group has resulted in significant improvements, earning us Best Customer Impact at the National Housing and Maintenance Forum Awards. Our Compliance solution has led to a 24% reduction in no-access appointments at Platform within just four months, dramatically improving efficiency for the housing association and providing a better service to their customers. Bill Williams, our CRO said: "By automating a traditionally labour-intensive task, organisations can free up valuable people to have more meaningful and impactful interactions – better for teams and for customers. I’m confident the sector-wide impact of the Voicescape Compliance solution – as evidenced by the results at Platform Property Care – will be significant.”   


    KPMG Digital Transformation Awards 2023 - Best Digital Transformation - Public Sector

    Digital Transformation Awards UK Certificate2023_Winners_04

    Our collaboration with Thirteen Group in revolutionising their income collection process through our Caseload Manager solution also earned us Best Digital Transformation - Public Sector award. This recognition now within both the social housing sector as well as in technology-focussed awards further proves the incredible impact Caseload Manager is making on tenant lives, and it reflects our ability to drive efficiency and create meaningful change in the sector. As Caroline Speirs, Head of Finance at Thirteen, notes, "Without Caseload Manager, we wouldn’t have achieved the results we have this year."



    Affordable Housing Awards 2023 - Professional Services Partner of the Year

    affordable housing awards winnerFinally, we were delighted to be named the Professional Services Partner of the Year for the second time at the Affordable Housing Awards! This prestigious award is huge recognition of our outstanding work in the housing sector and the collaborative spirit we share with our clients. We go beyond providing services; we co-create solutions that set new standards in the industry. Winning this award again speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence and the tangible benefits and outcomes we consistently deliver to our social housing and local authority customers. 

    These awards are a testament to our clients, and our joint commitment to excellence and innovation. We are incredibly proud of what we've achieved, and we want to extend our gratitude to our incredible clients, supportive community and of course the Voicescape team.  

    At Voicescape we want to continue to set new standards, proving that our collaborative and innovative approach is not just recognised but celebrated inside the sector as well as outside of it! 

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