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    allpay And Voicescape Join Forces To Streamline Arrears Collection

    Voicescape is proud to announce a ground-breaking collaboration with allpay, the payments solution provider. With over 30 years of market advocacy between our two brands, this partnership promises to streamline rent collection processes and empower housing associations by integrating cutting-edge engagement software with payments technology, behavioural insights, and data science.

    Here, we explain what the partnership involves, and what this news means for you…

    A pivotal moment for social housing income collection

    This partnership is set to keep the social housing sector up to speed with other sectors such as financial services and retail in offering more streamlined and integrated customer experiences. Showcasing how automation can assist organisations in relieving the burdens on time- and resource-constrained teams, all while providing enhanced value for tenants.

    This represents an important moment for social housing sector income teams; by combining advanced engagement automation with decades of payment solutions expertise, the collaboration will set the standard for best practice in the sector. Housing associations of all sizes stand to benefit from an improved arrears collection process, making it more accessible, smooth and effective for all.

    The partnership between allpay and Voicescape offers:

    • Advanced engagement automation and versatile payment options
    • Streamlined rent collection processes via a Pay by Link (PbL) integration with Voicescape Collections, allowing customers to receive payment links through QR codes in various communications
    • Reduced manual intervention, helping to optimise existing team resources
    • A way to empower customers to self-serve, boosting engagement and satisfaction rates

    Innovation in action

    Walsall Housing Group (whg) has experienced these benefits first-hand. Facing challenges in rent collection due to the absence of a streamlined payment link system, whg sought a solution to enhance customer experience and enable self-service.

    Voicescape worked closely with allpay to develop a PbL and seamlessly integrate the function into Voicescape's platform. The solution allows officers to embed crucial information like the tenants name, rent account number, and amount owed within a secure SMS message sent directly through the Voicescape platform, directing tenants to a branded payment webpage – automating customer engagement for those in arrears and significantly reducing call volumes.

    Since its implementation in May 2022, PbL has facilitated 3,581 transactions totalling £764,215. The positive feedback from both whg’s tenants and employees highlights its success and serves as a testament to the effectiveness of this partnership in addressing challenges within the housing sector.

    "For whg the foundation of a great self-serve experience is simplicity, and we wish to make it as straightforward as possible for our customers so they can enjoy a seamless and convenient payment experience"

    - Jasvinder Kaur, Income and Financial Inclusion Manager at whg

    How you can find out more

    To explore how Pay by Link could revolutionise arrears collection for your team, contact us using the button below.

    For the full news release, visit the allpay website.

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