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    Housing Associations & Local Authorities: Enter These 2023 Awards Now!

    UK Social Housing Awards

    There are many ways organisations choose to celebrate their successes, both internally and externally. One thing we know from working with so many registered social landlords and local authorities is that this is a community that’s built on shared insight, with a willingness to learn from each other and find solutions to challenges together. 

    Awards are just one way that organisations can look to share examples of best practice, as well as new and innovative methods of working that can create a wider positive impact – with your teams, your customers, stakeholders and industry peers. 

     They can also help organisations to increase brand awareness, boost credibility, and solidify your position as an industry leader. If you’re new to approaching awards and you aren’t sure where to begin, we can help.

    We’ve created a list of  some of the upcoming  awards that social housing landlords and local authorities may want to consider entering this year… 

    Social Housing Associations

    Housing Heroes Awards 2023

    Entry Deadline: 2nd March 2023

    Women In Housing Awards

    Entry Deadline: 2nd March 2023

    Northern Housing Awards 2023

    Entry Deadline: 25th March 2023

    On the radar…

    National Healthy Housing Awards

    2023 awards information to be announced 

    UK Housing Awards

    2023 awards information to be announced 

    Inside Housing Development Awards

    2023 awards information to be announced

    Local Authorities  

    The MJ Awards

    Entry Deadline: 27th January 2023

    On the radar…

    The LGC Awards 2024

    2024 awards information to be announced 

    What Next?

    At Voicescape, we partner with our customers to showcase the leading work we do in the social housing and local authority sectors. 

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