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    Chris Walker

    Behavioural Insights Lead

    Chris is part of the insights team at Voicescape that combine behavioural science, data science and technology to deliver evidence-based solutions. Chris’ key focus is on developing and delivering research and solutions that supports our clients by enhancing and simplifying organisations processes to ensure that everyone gets access to the support that they need.He has spent the last decade studying and working in the field of psychology and human behaviour, applying his knowledge of human behaviour in a working capacity across numerous projects, most recently focusing on social housing.


    “I love working at Voicescape. It’s a great environment to work in; we have a fantastic team of really talented people who are all committed to delivering our goals. As part of the insight team I’m also at the forefront of the exciting intersection of behavioural science, data science and technology. I believe this inter-disciplinary approach represents the future of addressing challenges related to human behaviour so to be doing this in a sector where we can make a real difference to people’s lives is hugely rewarding.”


    Chris is a sport-a-holic but since “retiring” from football he’s always on the look-out for his next sporting fix. This itch is currently satisfied through climbing, outdoor swimming and some Voicescape table tennis but any and all suggestions are welcome!

    LinkedIn | chris.walker@voicescape.com